Committees (prelim.)

International Program Committee (IPC)

  • Andreas KUGI, Austria (Chair)
  • Biao HUANG, Canada (Co-Chair)
  • Derik LE ROUX, South Africa (Co-Chair)
  • Andreas DEUTSCHMANN-OLEK, Austria (Co-Chair)
  • Wolfgang KEMMETMÜLLER, Austria (Co-Chair)
  • Lukasz JADACHOWSKI, Austria (Editor)
  • Valentina Breschi, Netherlands
  • Fouad Giri, France
  • Pauline Kergus, France
  • Tsu-Chin Tsao, United States of America

Further members of the IPC are to be announced soon!

National Organizing Committee (NOC)

  • Andreas KÖRNER (Chair)
  • Christian HARTL-NESIC (Co-Chair)
  • Andreas STEINBOECK (Co-Chair)
  • Sibylle KUSTER (Conf. Ass.)