Call for Minisymposia

All participants are encouraged to submit proposals for MATHMOD Minisymposiums. A MATHMOD Minisymposium should be devoted to a specific topic within the scope of the conference. It should consist of 5 – 15 papers, preferably not more than 50% coming from the organiser’s working group. A MATHMOD Minisymposium proposal should include:

  • Title of the MATHMOD Minisymposium
  • Abstract of the MATHMOD Minisymposium (150-300 words)
  • Name and contact information of the organizers
  • List of at least 5 contributions containing (prel.) paper titles, author names, and contact information of the corresponding author

Minisymposium proposals are submitted as a pdf file via the conference submission website Templates are available at the end of this page.

If a minisymposium consists of more than 5 accepted papers the presentations will take place during one or more special sessions with 4 – 6 papers each. Please note that contributions may be (a) Full Contributions or (b) Discussion Contributions. The contributions within one minisymposium need not be of the same type, but they must follow the same rules as all other submitted papers.

After acceptance of a minisymposium proposal, organizers will obtain an invited session code that they should distribute to the contributors. Contributors will require this code for paper submission. The format, the submission procedure, the submission deadline, and the review process for minisymposium papers are the same as for all other contributions.

Contributors to minisymposia are treated the same as every other participant of the conference. Hence, they are expected to stick to the copyright regulations and to pay the same conference fees (as specified on our web site).

Please, address any questions concerning invited sessions to the conference organizers:


The following templates should be used for the preparation of MATHMOD Minisymposium proposals: