The scope of MATHMOD 2025 conference covers theoretic and applied aspects of mathematical modelling for systems of static or dynamic nature. Specifically, this includes the following topics ans fields of application:


  • Theoretic and applied aspects of any type of mathematical modeling (including equations of various types, discrete systems, graphs, machine learning, neural networks, data-driven models)
  • Static and dynamic systems including deterministic, stochastic, continuous-time, discrete-time, hybrid, distributed-parameter, and lumped-parameter models
  • Modeling theory including structure, topology, and complexity of models, first-principles, identification, adaptation, optimization, model-order reduction, and validation
  • Automation and software tools for modeling, computer-based modeling, modeling for real-time applications
  • Modeling for/by simulation, co-simulation, modeling standards
  • Modeling aspects in numeric and scientific computing
  • Mathematical, numerical, qualitative, modular, interdisciplinary modeling
  • Reviews and comparisons of modeling techniques
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence for modeling
  • Digital twins
  • Data analytics, data processing, big data, data-driven techniques for modeling
  • Model analysis and calibration, effects of modeling errors
  • Education in/for/with modeling

Fields of Application

  • Any application from engineering or natural sciences
  • Mechatronics, robotics, sensors, actuators, manufacturing, processing, energy systems, transportation, etc.
  • Environmental systems, biotechnology, biology, life sciences, social systems, human-centered modeling
  • Econometrics, finance, operations research, logistics, planning
  • Medicine, physiology, health care and health systems