Guidance for Session Chairs

Session Chairs and Co-Chairs are important for a smooth flow of the event. Their main responsibilities are:

  • Briefly introduce each speaker with his/her name, affiliation, and title of the talk.
  • Coordinate the discussion after each presentation. Make sure that the questions and answers can be heard by the auditorium.
  • Make sure that the time schedule of the session is strictly adhered:
    • Each presentation is given a 20 minutes time slot (including time for discussion).
    • In case, a speaker of a presentation does not show up, keep the original schedule and do not advance the next presentation
  • In the conference room, you will be supported by a technical assistant familiar with the technical facilities. The conference room is equipped with a laptop (Windows 10, 64 bit, Microsoft Office 2021, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC), a beamer and a laser pointer. Large conference rooms are also equipped with a microphone.
  • The technical assistant will support the speakers to copy their presentation on the conference laptop prior to the session. Presentation guidelines have been communicated to the speakers and are available at 
  • If you would like to read (for preparation) the papers that are presented in your session, please, log in at and enter the MATHMOD 2022 workspace as Chair or Co-Chair. There you will find links to the final manuscripts.